Bat Bucks Game Show is our Halloween version offering games, set’s and costuming with Halloween twist. 
Kid Bucks game show transforms
 into Bat Bucks for the Halloween season.
This show screams Halloween.
   The money chamber is decorated as a belfry.
  The "bucks"  are "Bat Bucks",
 and have a large bat on them.
  As the Bat Bucks swirl about the
chamber a strobe light is cast upon them
 creating a dazzling display of Bats
flying in the belfry.  

The winners wheel is decorated as large
spider web and is referred to as the
"winners web".
All of the games have a
Halloween theme or twist to them.
The raffle balls used to select
 contestants are plucked from a bubbling and
brewing witches cauldron, even
the host and Co-host are clad in Halloween themed attire. Popular seasonal music underscores the mood.  
Some of the songs include  the Monster Mash,  Thriller and the theme songs
from the movies:
 Halloween, Friday the 13th, Ghost Busters
 and Nightmare on Elm Street.

This production is a sensational brew of  
spookiness, comedy, audience participation,
 fun, and suspense, that will leave
your audience howling with laughter and
screaming with delight.